Style Guide: Suspenders for Women

12031_CONNIE_114Get excited! Women’s suspenders are making a powerful comeback. Suspenders can actually be a pretty versatile accessory for day and night looks. If you’re just starting to explore a new found appreciation for this classic look, here are a few ideas to help you out.

Color Contrast

For a classic, formal look pair suspenders in a solid, dark color like black or navy with a white button up shirt or blouse. The contrast of colors will allow the suspenders to standout against the brightness of the white. This is a clean cut formal look that can work well with dark dress pants, and works especially well when the pants and the suspenders are the same shade.

The color contrast approach also works well with casual t-shirts and pants for an easy going, relaxed look.

Pairing With Skirts

Suspenders can be worn with skirts of all lengths and styles. To ground a light, flowy look wear your suspenders with a maxi skirt. For a strong, edgy look, pair them with a pencil skirt and a button up shirt. A-line skirts and flared skirts look great with suspenders, especially when paired with fitted long-sleeve shirts.



Wear Them With Denim

Add a little extra flair and dimension to a jeans and t-shirt combo with a pair of matte suspenders in a solid color. On days that you feel particularly daring, experiment with suspenders that feature prints and graphics like animal print, geometric patterns and polka dots.

Dress up a High Waist

Whether it’s high waisted pants, jeans, shorts or skirts, each of these items can be dressed up with a pair of cute suspenders. This combination is especially great for women who are looking to emphasize their bust in a stylish and sophisticated way. For a more casual look try any version of this combo with your favorite t-shirt. A more formal look can be achieved with the addition of a blouse or a starched button up. Finally, for something in between try a fitted shirt with a high-collar.





The Power of the Pocket Square

If you are looking for a subtle way to accent a formal suit, consider the classic pocket square. Whether you’re going for a bright, whimsical, or classically sophisticated look, this timeless fashion piece is the perfect accessory for creating a formal look. When paired with a bow tie and suspenders, the look is particularly striking!

Powerfully simple

Pocket squares are — as their name implies — squares of material that are similar to handkerchiefs and can be folded into a breast pocket. The top of the folded square is fanned out and extends above the top of the pocket, showing a slip of color that helps break up solid-color suits with its trademark appearance. Most pocket squares measure 12 inches and, unlike a handkerchief, they are typically made of the finest materials.

The often-silky material used to make a pocket square allows it to be folded easily and smoothly. The square glides into any pocket without bunching and can easily be adjusted to fit any suit, tuxedo, or sport coat. Similar to other SuspenderStore products, our pocket squares are made in America using domestically sourced materials. Each square is held to the highest standards of quality.

Taupe and other colors

An ideal pocket square will complement one of the colors on your tie, bow tie or suspenders, without being an exact match. Taupe pocket squares are a unique color that is neither too warm nor too cool. This perfectly neutral color is just right for accenting black, blue, or any other color of formal wear.

In addition to taupe, pocket squares are also sold in a range of other useful colors such as black, white, red, and more. Squares can be pastel, neon, and anything in between. To get an idea of the full range of color options available, check out some of our best-selling colors, including: light pink, seafoam, burgundy, and teal. There is an art to selecting the right pocket square, but adding one to your formal jacket is the easy way to stand out from the crowd and look better than other men attending the party.

Happy customers

Still not convinced? See what other customers are saying about our pocket squares in SuspenderStore’s customer review section. Customers looking for great style and value agree that the pairing a complementary or matching pocket square with your suspenders simply can’t be beat.

So, if you want a clothing accessory that allows you to add color and personality to your formal attire, choose a pocket square and suspenders in one of our dozens of attractive colors.







New Year, New You: Adding Suspenders to Your Wardrobe

Marshal in the new year with a pair of snappy suspenders and you are sure to be the hit of the party!  Then continue to wear your suspenders in 2017 to keep the winter fashion doldrums away.

You want to change things up, especially when you look at yourself in the mirror. No, you don’t necessarily need to sign your life away with a gym membership or try a juice cleanse. How about jazzing up your wardrobe instead? Nothing brings a smile more than putting on something new.  And if you do happen to end up shedding those few extra pounds, suspenders have the added benefit of keeping your trousers in the right place despite your trimmer waistline!

Sure, it’s a new year. So try something old that’s actually new again: suspenders. Yes, suspenders, and no, they aren’t just for grandpa or for keeping your pants up. They are fabulously chic and have been all over the fashion runways. Suspenders are for everyone, from men and women to kids.

Give suspenders another look

Don’t think suspenders are hip? Then you haven’t checked out today’s hottest styles. Of course, suspenders look extremely dapper on guys in suits. They’ve always been an office mainstay. However, ladies now can get in on the action, too. A pair of suspenders is an eye-catching way to jazz up any outfit. They’re playful and sexy. If Beyoncé can make it work, so can you. Suspenders are also the perfect way to change up your outfit selection without running up a huge credit card bill.

Vintage or casual

Copyright: Copyright: ysbrandcosijn / 123RF Stock Photo

The beauty of suspenders is that they can be adapted to any style. You can go for a traditional or vintage look with solid, neutral suspenders, with colors such as black or brown. Or you can pick a flashy pattern to jazz up any outfit for a hip casual look. This versatile wardrobe addition complements a wide range of outfits, making the statement you want to make without going overboard with it.

Save on clothes

You don’t need to head to the mall for new clothes. There’s already an amazing selection right there in your closet– it’s just a matter of adding the right accessory. Spice up your wardrobe by adding some color with skinny suspenders that come in neon or a more calm color selection that suits the workplace. Love patterns? There are plenty to choose from, including plaids, animal prints, and polka dots.

Snap on a pair of suspenders and love the new you. Anything goes great with suspenders – now that’s something to get excited about!






Style Guide: How to Wear Suspenders in the Winter

Welcome to the first day of winter!  Short days and cold weather doesn’t mean you have to put your suspenders away for the season.  Suspenders are an awesome way to brighten up the winter doldrums with style! SuspenderStore has all the bold colors and classic construction you need to be a fashionable Frosty.

Known as braces in Britain, suspenders were born in the 1800s as an undergarment of sorts, and it was considered uncouth to be seen wearing them without a proper vest or jacket. Pooh, pooh to that, we say! You can show off your style even in the winter.

Use layers to your advantage this season. Suspenders over a long-sleeved collared shirt under a light sweater or jacket gives you even more chances to experiment with colors, textures and patterns. We recommend a maximum of two patterns with either a base or accent color. Too much of a good thing can sometimes get messy. Show a little restraint and save the third pattern for next time.

Skirt-and-suspenders combinations that looked cute in warmer weather can work here, too! Add a cardigan and some leggings to stay cozy, and play around with different length boots and scarves. A cute knit cap will look good even indoors in certain social situations. Don’t worry about making the color and material of your suspenders match your boots, just start with a color palate and go from there.

Go big! Why not wear your suspenders OVER a sweater? Go ahead and get relaxed and cozy with your favorite pair of loose-fit jeans, a favorite sweater, and a pair of casual, woven suspenders. You’ll be ready to sink into the oversized chair at the coffee house in no time. A cup of dark roast and the latest bestseller pair nicely with a look that says “I’m a little hip, and a lotta comfortable.”  Even our littlest customers can pull this look off with style!

Uh oh. Your new snow pants aren’t bib overalls? We can’t do much to keep the snow out, but a heavy-duty pair of suspenders will keep your pants in place in case of a wipeout on the slopes or in your backyard. Wear your thermal layer base layer against your skin, strap the suspenders to your pants and pull them up, then add your thermal and shell layers.

While you have fashion on the brain and some time indoors, check out next spring and summer’s predictions and see how you can incorporate suspenders into hot upcoming prints and colors. It’s never too early to start planning your style!





SuspenderStore – Last Minute Gifts for Snappy Fashion!

Need a last-minute idea? Give the gifts of style and function with a pair of suspenders from SuspenderStore! Made in the USA there are styles for everyone on your list!

We get it. You’re worried. The gift-giving season is upon us and you know you’re going to be down to the wire. Mass shipping from product warehouses can be quick and easy, but wouldn’t you rather have an even better online shopping experience knowing you’re supporting a family-owned business known for their quality customer service, fast shipping, and attention to detail? We’re sure your last-minute gift recipient would appreciate the extra effort as well.

Take a deep breath and stop rushing around. You can slow down and enjoy the season because we’re here for you! Suspenders are both a trendy and classic fashion choice, which makes them perfect for anyone and everyone on your list — from your father, to your teenage niece, to your boyfriend.

Do they have a favorite hobby or interest? Novelty suspenders are silly, yet charming. Comic book heroes, bacon strips, animal prints, music notes, planets, mathematical equations — all the things that bring all types of people joy. Are they interested in professional sports? They can spend all year repping some of their favorite NFL and MLB teams. You could even get a Pikachu pattern for your favorite Pokémon trainer!  You can have suspenders to delight everyone under your tree!

Honor the veterans and active duty service members on your list with a pair of suspenders featuring the insignias of the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, or Marine Corps. To wear a bit of national pride for all our military members, there are American flag-printed suspenders for children and adults as well.

How about accessories? Nothing changes the look of a suit quite like a pocket square or a bow tie! Twelve square inches of brightly colored fabric can make a bold statement, or a more neutral color lends a sense of ease and class to any suit jacket. No pocket? Crepe lapel flowers add a burst of color. You may also want to consider attachable trouser buttons, sock garters, or shirt stays for the classy guy who always seems put together.

It’s the little things that elevate style. And it’s the little things that show you care.





Silver Suspenders Make For Snazzy Style Selections

Timeless style

Suspenders are a wardrobe staple that never goes out of style. Suspenders were invented by Albert Thurston in 1820 to accommodate trousers that didn’t work with a belt. Makes sense, right? You need to hold up your pants, but a belt doesn’t work with a higher-cut pair of pants. Thus, the suspender was born.

GreyMen have long utilized button suspenders with their suits. However, the suspender has evolved over the years from a functional piece to a snappy style selection. When a man slips off his suit jacket to reveal a crisp dress shirt highlighted by an eye-catching necktie and a rocking pair of silver or gray suspenders, the ensemble definitely gets your attention. He stands out from the crowd.

Not just for the office

Yet suspenders aren’t just for suits or the office. The 1980s brought us many forgettable fashions, like the regrettable mullet, but suspenders aren’t one of them. Who could forget Robin Williams as Mork sporting a pair of rainbow suspenders and jeans? Suspenders became cool back in the day, and they still are.

silver-limited-edition-suspendersOf course, you need to select the right style of suspender to reflect the setting. Silk suspenders in quieter tones like gray or a paisley pattern will look best in the workplace. However, if you are going out for the evening and want to get playful, there are several styles including glitter, prints, and novelty suspenders that will have people admiring your outfit. For a really special look go for handwoven silk limited edition suspenders in a silvery pattern – including Reel Time to pay tribute to the silver screen, May I Have This Dance? to show off your jazzy style or Bubbles for an effervescent look!

Silver sparkles

If you are searching for the right pair of suspenders to spark your workplace style, you can’t go wrong with silver suspenders. They complement a variety of suit colors like black, gray, or blue. Silver suspenders will add color and will also play off the hues in a stylish matching necktie.

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to sparkle in silver glitter suspenders!model-117-editLadies can wear silver suspenders, too. Silver glams up any outfit whether it’s a necklace or a pair of suspenders. These days even silver hair is in. So, why not go silver?




Merry and Bright: 7 Ways to Wear Suspenders to a Holiday Party

Make waves at the watercooler by rocking suspenders at your office holiday party!

Is the evil era of the ugly sweater party at an end yet? Bring back classy fashion and chic décor, please!

Revolution starts with you, fashion-forward party-goer! Dress the festive up to fête and class up the joint, would ya? Here are 7 Ways to Wear Suspenders at Your Holiday Party:

  1. Fake a pinafore! Pinafores are like skirt overalls, typically worn over blouse or sweater. Pair a high-waisted plaid skirt with a pair of accent-colored skinny suspenders, over a tucked-in sweater or blouse. Extra points if the shirt is ruffled and accented with a short, silk scarf.
  2. Don’t like the little swing in your step? Opt for a pencil skirt instead for a little 1940s va-va-voom. You can’t go wrong with navy blue threads, white heels, and bright red lipstick.
  3. Little secret, gentlemen… bowties and suspenders make for a dashing duo. Camel-colored leather shoes, tan slacks, navy suspenders, light blue button-up shirt, and a navy bowtie. Roll the sleeves up above your elbows, keeping the roll tight, yet messy. Like you were too busy being awesome to worry about clean creases.
  4. Want to keep the realness in winter? Keep your boots on! A rugged pair of boots teamed with pressed jeans or khakis, light-knit sweater, and a pair of boldly colored or patterned suspenders will do the trick.
  5. Don’t just experiment with patterns; remember there are all sorts of great materials as well. Leather and horsehair and silk, oh my! Not to mention X- or Y-backed styles, and all the different attachments.
  6. Did you know that there are undergarment suspenders as well? Worn between and undershirt and a dress shirt, these secret suspenders give you all the function of suspenders without any of the fashion. Great for the untucked-look without the hassle of a belt.
  7. Just wear the goofy suspenders with your ugly Christmas sweater. SuspenderStore has a wide selection of novelty patterns for every holiday party occasion. If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right!







Suspenders for Every Holiday!

Suspenders with holiday patterns are an easy, attractive and eye-catching way to show your holiday spirit without having to invest in costly costumes or go too wild-and-crazy.

christmas-brassHoliday suspenders can be subtle and classy or loud and showy. Either way they are sure to be conversation starters at offices, school and family gatherings. They’re a popular choice for parties where the dress code is not officially dressy, but not old jeans and T-shirts, either. Or, be stealthy and don a pair of holiday suspenders under your suit coat – your office mates will catch just a fleeting glimpse of your suspenders as they peek out from under your jacket!  Then, take off your jacket, loosen your tie and show them off in all their glory when you stop by the local bar for an after-hours drink!

‘Tis the season

Christmas is a favorite time to wear holiday suspenders with or without bowties. At SuspenderStore, you can choose traditional Christmas season motifs or unique limited-edition patterns. Couples and relatives often wear matching holiday suspenders in red, green or same-pattern styles to parties and for keepsake photographs.

xmas-compositeThere are a plethora of Christmas suspenders to choose from, so that ugly sweater party just got even better. Wear a great pair that features the holiday spirit, gifts, Christmas trees, or even the big man himself, Santa Claus. No matter what the occasion, a stylish pair of suspenders will help you show your holiday cheer.

studio_shoot-211Looking for suspender-pairing advice for the holidays? Enter a party with bold red suspenders and you’ll have everyone’s attention.  Need something that screams “holiday suspenders?” Then throw on some Christmas-themed penguin suspenders — that’ll get the job done.

Ring in the New Year in Style

For New Year’s Eve, glitter or french satin suspenders from SuspenderStore are popular for adding a festive touch to your attire.  Or celebrate all things bubbly with a pair of our exquisite hand-woven silk “Cocktails Anyone?” suspenders!

model-117-editSuspenders for every holiday

Have a suspender-lover in your life?  Why not give him a whole year’s worth of conversation starters? We’ve heard of bartenders and every day extroverts who are known for encouraging friendly exchanges by wearing themed suspenders for every holiday season. With special wacky holidays abounding – such as “Penguin Awareness Day” (Jan. 20th) and “Embrace Your Geekness Day” (July 13th) – the creative possibilities for sporting suspenders is practically endless.  But for the basics, we suggest the standard holiday suspenders:


A pair of solid red suspenders can do double-duty for Christmas and for Valentine’s Day. Or, wear hearts on your suspenders instead just a heart on your sleeve. Shop our Thanksgiving Day suspenders and Halloween-theme braces. Skull and crossbones suspenders can do double-duty for Halloween and at a pirate’s party.

Copyright: mcininch / 123RF Stock Photoon a white background.

St. Patrick’s Day is another favorite holiday to wear green suspenders (so you won’t get pinched for not wearing green). At SuspenderStore, you can also choose leprechaun, Celtic-motif or shamrock-pattern suspenders. Celebrate the holidays of other countries with handsome Australia, Canada, Mexico and United Kingdom suspenders. The Mexico flag suspenders are a popular choice to wear to U.S. celebrations of Diez y Seis, Mexico’s Independence Day, each Sept. 16.

The SuspenderStore has hundreds of novelty suspender designs to choose from, including novelty themes for every holiday. So go ahead and get into the holiday spirit with suspenders for every holiday!










Be Prepared: Cyber Monday Suspender Steals

Cyber Monday deals and steals don’t just stop at the hottest toy or latest gaming console. Why not pick up some fashion staples while you’re surfing the web? We know you’re just sitting there in your pajama pants anyway. Time to update your look and pass on the gift of garments!

When you’re buying a pair of suspenders, always keep your recipient in mind. Suspenders come in several different widths, from thin ½ -inch to a wider 2 inches. The thinner straps are mainly there to be stylish, and are always made to be worn as an outer accessory. Anything 1-inch wide or less would be perfect for the fashion-conscious on your gift list; throw in a bow tie for and extra bold statement.

Suspenders that hit the mid-range, 1 ¼ -inch to 1 ½ -inch are still trendy, but a little more functional. Go wild in everything from casual to dressy occasions — the billiard room, the boardroom, and the ballroom all welcome suspenders. The thinner end of the spectrum, could be considered slightly more dressy, while the wider, 1 ½ -inch straps make for a perfect “all purpose” pair of suspenders.

The final, large size brings to mind firefighters and lumberjacks. At 2 inches wide, suspenders can be a critical part of any heavy-duty uniform, or perfect for anyone with mobility issues. Utility workers, for example, need the wide, sturdy straps to withstand hard labor and heavy tool belts. Grandpa, on the other hand, may appreciate the gripping ease and function of a wider-constructed pair of suspenders.

The whole purpose of Cyber Monday is to find the best prices around for some of the best people in your life. Be sure you don’t sacrifice quality! A $5 pair suspenders made in China is going to feel just as cheap and last as long as its sticker price. Unless your gift is for the coworker you really don’t like, why cut corners this holiday season? Take advantage of sales for high quality but budget friendly suspender deals!


Give the Gift of Fashion: Suspender Styles for Everyone on Your List

Christmas is less than a month and a half away – have you started your shopping yet?  If not – no need to panic – suspenders make a perfect gift for everyone on your list!

Not sure if a pair of suspenders is a perfect gift? Wonder no more — we promise they totally are. With so many attachments, types, styles, materials, patterns, colors, and sizes, there’s a little bit of something for everybody.

Suspenders for Your Dad

Also, your dad said no more ties, please.

For real.

Instead, this year, give him the gift of form and function. Unless he has a small frame or is a laborer, stick to the mid-range size of 1 ¼ -inch to 1 ½ -inch, that way he can look good in casual, business casual, and dressy situations. Give him a trusty, solid color, or switch it up with bold patterns, depending on his personality. Think about attachment style, too. Would he like clip or button suspenders? Perhaps a swivel trigger snap? Or does he like to wear extra support and need suspenders with belt clips?

Suspenders for Your Mom or Sister

The same goes for your mom or sister. A myriad colors, styles, and mid-range sizes mean she can cross style with purpose. Matched with a pair of boots and her favorite sweater, she can be both warm and fashionable. Dress pants, winter blazers, and a uniquely patterned pair of suspenders make for a strong office outfit. Leather, silk, and Oxford cloth are just a few of our fine materials for a fine gift.

Suspenders for the Fashionista

Anyone on your list with a smaller frame or a sense for style may prefer skinny suspenders. Forget skinny ties! We’re all about this new accessory. Add a touch of class to casual outfits by throwing a pair of skinnies over a graphic T-shirt. Dress up a pair of slacks even more with a subtle pattern and let the fashionista on your gift list give her “statement necklace” a run for its money.

Suspenders for Laborers

But don’t forget anyone who needs utility over style! Loggers, roofers, utility workers, and firefighters all rely on suspenders to help them do their jobs safely and efficiently. Opt for neutral colors to accommodate various uniforms, unless, of course, your recipient works on a road crew, then go for the bright yellow reflective surface.


Suspender Selection Made Easy – Just Take a Quiz!

New to suspenders and not sure exactly which type would be the best for that someone special?  Check out’s Suspender Selection Quiz to narrow down your choices!  This nifty quiz will walk you step by step through the decision process and give you specific recommendations based on your unique answers!  Choose the suspenders you like best and voila – you can check that person off your list!  Christmas shopping made easy peasy at!