How to Measure for Suspenders

No, our tape measure suspenders are not the best way to measure suspender size!

Measuring for suspenders is trickier than one would think. There are many variables to consider, such as the person’s height, girth, body shape, the elasticity of the suspenders and whether or not they can be adjusted. Elastic suspenders allow for more wiggle room, but even leather suspenders will stretch slightly over time as they are worn.

Suspender sizes are frequently given in inches, and are measured when they are fully stretched out. Rather than trying to guess the correct size, it’s recommended that you take an actual measurement for the best fit. For Y-back suspenders, take the measurement from the belt’s front loop, diagonally over the shoulder to the rear belt loop in the center. For suspenders with an X-back design, you should measure from the front belt loop over the shoulder to the side of the back waistline. Choose the suspender size that’s closest to your measurement. For more adjustment room, select the next larger size.

 If you’re buying suspenders as a gift and you can’t get an actual measurement, consider these height guidelines:

  • For adults between 6-foot-1 and 6-foot-5, select 54-inch suspenders.
  • For those who are 5-foot-9 to 6-foot-2, choose a 48-inch size.
  • For people between 5-foot and 5-foot-9, 42-inch suspenders are the best choice. These are also best for children over 5 feet.
  • The 36-inch suspenders will fit 5-year-olds up to 5-foot-tall children.
  • The 30-inch size suspenders are recommended for children between 2 and 5 years old.
  • For babies and infants between 9 months and 24 months, choose the 25-inch size.

No matter what the age, everyone enjoys and looks great in suspenders.

Did You Know?

Don’t be buried by choices!

We Have a Suspender Product Selection Quiz!

If you’re feeling completely overwhelmed by our massive selection of suspenders for every occasion, we’re here to help you out with our Suspender Selection Quiz. Designed for those who have trouble figuring out exactly what they want, our easy-to-take quiz will guide you through the decision-making process by asking you questions about your suspender needs and personal preferences.

Are you interested in suspenders for daily casual wear, or do you also need something suitable for the office? Is this for a dressy occasion, or do you need something rugged for outdoors work? Are you a frequent traveler or a dancer who’s part of a special performance? Whether you’re shopping for a gift or it’s a gift for yourself, our selection quiz will make your shopping experience a breeze.  Rather than wandering around our vast virtual store on your own, taking this quiz is just like having your own personal salesperson (or perhaps even a private valet) whose job is to attend to you and guide you quickly to what you’re looking for. That sounds nice, doesn’t it?

A Pair of Suspenders for Every Dad!

Are you stumped on what to get the distinguished man who has everything on Father’s Day? At the Suspender Store, we have some great ideas for you. Suspenders are both practical and tremendously stylish, and we have styles to fit every dad’s personality — sophisticated or earthy, rugged or refined, dressy or casual. We have the ideal gift, whether he’s serious, whimsical, outdoorsy or festive. To begin at the office, we offer Men’s Business and Dress Suspenders in various styles, from Jacquard Checkered and Argyle Clip Suspenders to French satin and all-leather. Our daily wear Casual Suspenders come in solid colors, dots, stripes, checks and plaids. Choose from different colors, widths and materials.

We even have airport-friendly suspenders that won’t set off those pesky metal detectors. They’re perfect for frequent travelers. For those rugged, outdoorsy types, we have a wide selection of Leather and Western Suspenders, including our special horsehair suspenders, which are definitely something you don’t see every day.  For animal lovers, fisherman and hunters, we have unique suspenders that honor the Great Outdoors. Hobbyists, tradesmen and those with a healthy sense of humor will get a kick out of our Novelty Suspenders. We have everyone covered — mechanics, plumbers, painters, electricians, military men, firemen and handymen. Give your favorite dad a way to celebrate the holidays with our colorful Holiday Suspenders, or choose suspenders that honor his ancestral home with the country’s flag. Whatever his personal style happens to be, our high-quality suspenders make a great gift he’ll be delighted to receive.

The Great Gatsby

Silk Suspenders

Button On Silk Suspenders in Steel Blue from Suspender Store

Are you a fan of The Great Gatsby era? The high romance and impeccable fashion sense of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece has come en vogue again with the recent release of Baz Luhrmann’s blockbuster film. If you wish to look like a 1920s blue-blood, but aren’t flush like Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jay Gatsby, we can help you out. A key part of the required wardrobe for a man-about-town in those days was a quality pair of silk braces. You can spend well over $100 at Brooks Brothers for a pair of suspenders from their Great Gatsby Collection made with nylon straps (a material that wasn’t invented until 1935), or at the Suspender Store, you can purchase genuine button-on silk braces for much less.

We have an impressive selection of traditional formal button suspenders — or braces, as these more upscale suspenders are known. Traditionally, distinguished gentlemen would wear trousers that had brace buttons, and these braces were then secured to the buttons instead of being clipped on. Button braces will give you a classier, cleaner appearance without any unsightly bulging. To complete your sleek and stylish Great Gatsby look, your wardrobe will need to include a trim-fitting herringbone suit with linen vest, boater hat, bow tie and vintage two-tone wingtip shoes. If you need some inspiration, take a look at these Great Gatsby-inspired men’s fashion ideas.

Why You Want to Wear Suspenders to Your Wedding

Planning for a wedding is hard work!  Where should you get married?  What can you do to make the day extra special and memorable?  Wearing suspenders can be a great way to add a unique touch to your day.  When you’re done choosing your spouse, we think choosing some suspenders should be your next stop.

Why subscribe to some dated ideal about what people should wear at weddings?  If you decide to think outside of the box, you’ll quickly see that you don’t have to. Every year, more and more couples decide to explore how they really want to express themselves on their wedding day.  Picking a unique venue is one way to make a statement about who you are.  Another way is to consider your attire options. The alternatives are endless and limited only by your creativity.  More and more folks are choosing options that speak to them – electing fun, off-beat venues or unique ways of dressing.  Simply adding suspenders into the mix can make a fun fashion statement and insert a dash of flair into your wedding day.

A pair of wedding suspenders is sure to dazzle your guests.  Whether you are a traditionalist or boldly unconventional, there’s a suspender for your wedding that will  express your personal style.   Favorite suspender choices for the conservative minded include our gorgeous french satin suspenders as well as our new line of 1 1/4 inch Y-back clip suspenders.  In terms of color, black is always a staple, but you can also choose solid colored suspenders to match your suit or tuxedo. Or, choose a suspender color that matches the bridesmaid dresses and you’ll look like a fashion superstar!

Looking for something to make an even bolder statement?  Choose one of our novelty

This wedding party chose to wear our Dino suspenders because the reception was at a Museum of Natural History. What could you do with suspenders to help make your day unique and memorable?

suspenders that has something to do with your career, hobby, interests, time of year or venue – the possibilities are almost endless!   If you are Irish and getting married in mid-March – why not try a pair of our Shamrock or Celtic Scroll suspenders (and while you’re at – get some Irish step dancers to do a few jigs).  Or, if you love to fish, sport one of our fishing themed suspenders.  In the Armed Forces?  We have Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines suspenders.  Want to have a square dance?  Choose some of our Western Leather suspenders to complement your theme.

Best of all, adding suspenders to your special day will not break the wedding budget.  Most of the suspenders mentioned above cost between $14.95 – $39.95 – not much for adding your own personal touch in such a fun and fashionable way.  Of course, if you want to splurge, we’d got you covered there too.  Check out our beautiful Limited Edition suspenders for a truly exquisite way to express yourself.

So…go ahead!  Flaunt tradition and dare to make a fashion statement.  You’ll always remember it and will be glad you did!

The Top 3 Most Recognizable Suspender Wearers in Popular Culture

It’s bird! It’s a plane! It’s the top three most recognizable suspender-wearers in popular culture!

Countless actors, politicians and generally well-liked people have donned suspenders since they were first invented in 1822.  We personally believe nobody has ever disliked anyone who wore suspenders!  Since then, much has changed, but this clothing accessory has remained a constant. That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate this list to this exclusive bunch of suspender-wearers.  So here are our top three:

1.  When Larry King retired on December 16, 2010, one of the most famous wearers of suspenders removed himself from the cultural spotlight. Suspenders were King’s trademark accessory beginning in 1987 when he needed something to hold his pants up after post-heart surgery weight loss.  He often wore red or blue suspenders but claimed to have at least 150 pairs in his wardrobe.  We know that he was once gifted a pair of SuspenderStore’s Canadian Maple Leaf suspenders at a speaking engagement in Canada.  He also signed a pair of our camel French Satin suspenders to support the 25TH ANNUAL HOLLYWOOD ARTS COUNCIL CHARLIE AWARDS effort to raise money to support art programs for children.

2.  Did you know that famous actor Humphrey Bogart wore suspenders in many of his popular films?  Perhaps best known for his starring role in Casablanca, Bogart appeared in 75 films in his lifetime.  And while his suspenders might have been less visible than Larry King’s due to the fact that he was so often impeccably dressed and wearing a suit coat, we believe his notoriety certainly justifies giving him second place on our Famous Suspender Wearers list.

3.  While you may know King and Bogart, there’s still one more person that made it onto our list of three. And that person is Steve Urkel, who was portrayed by the actor Jaleel White on the television show Family Matters. While Urkel lacked the refinement of a King or Bogart, his suspenders were no less infamous. Unfortunately, Urkel’s nerdy look made suspenders seem especially quirky at the time. But that has changed as of late, as suspenders are once again being absorbed – and embraced – into popular culture.

Of course, the list of famous suspender wearers is much longer than our short list of three.  Others we’ve recently spotted and you may recognize include Beyonce, Michael Douglas (in Wall Street), Louis from One Direction, Tyra Banks, Lauren Conrad, Cameron Diaz, Reeve Carney and Ed Westick.  So rest assured, when you choose to wear suspenders, you join an elite and illustrious crowd!

Suspender Gift Guide for the Whole Family

Shopping for the whole family is easy when you know what to look for. Let our suspender gift guide do the work for you.

Originally, we wanted to create a suspender gift guide for the world-renowned band Hole. This guide would’ve been appropriately titled, “A Suspender Gift Guide for the Hole Family.” It would’ve included suspender gift ideas for each band member—even Courtney Love. Because of the limited scope of such a gift guide, we’ve decided to expand the premise to include more people, namely, your entire family. The guide has subsequently been renamed: “A Suspender Gift Guide for the Whole Family.” Here’s the revised guide:

Dad: Suspenders for your dad should be as simple as possible to ensure that he never totally embarrasses you in public. Solid black suspenders should do the trick. If you’re gifting for your friend’s dad, disregard the previous sentence and check out our novelty suspenders.  On a more serious note – here are some other ideas:

*  If your dad has a lot of suspenders already – we’re always adding new suspenders.  Visit our new page to see our most recent additions.

*  If he wears a suit, he might like our business and dress suspenders.

*  If he travels a lot, our airport friendly suspenders will be just the ticket!  Even better, if he also happens to be a sports enthusiast – these suspenders are also great for holding up ski and other sports pants without tearing the fabric!

Leather suspenders are great and somewhat hard to find.  We have an extensive collection – everything from western styles that will look great on the ranch to dressy suspenders appropriate to wear with business attire.

Mom: Your mom will genuinely appreciate a pair of suspenders this holiday season. Not only do they allow her to channel her inner Beyoncé, she can also use them as a makeshift leash for the family pup, or as a stand-in for clothespins when hanging the wash.   Seriously though, women can wear any width suspender with style – from 1/2 inch skinny suspenders to 1 1/2 inch wide suspenders – the choice is theirs!

Siblings: Younger  or older, a pair of suspenders is the icing on every sibling’s holiday gift cake. Choose from festive designs or resort to using their favorite color; you can’t lose either way.  Teenagers and twenty somethings will love our skinny fashion suspenders, and for someone who likes to dance the night away, our glitter suspenders are party perfect!  And little kids love our suspenders too – see lots of choices for them on our kids page.

Significant other: When you give that special someone a pair of suspenders, you’re giving them an unadulterated declaration of your love: “That’s right, honey, my love for you is as strong as a pair of suspenders.” (Yes, we do have heart suspenders , you romantic, you.)  Or, if you want to totally impress and spoil him, give him something truly memorable.  Our hand woven silk suspenders are true works of art – gorgeous, stunning and collectable – each one is produced in limited numbers for a limited time.

Of course, if you still can’t figure out exactly what to get – gift certificates are always appreciated.  You can also check out our suspender style guides for more guidance or call us and we’ll be happy to help!

A Brief History of Suspenders

Want to be a know-it-all when it comes to suspenders? This is where you should start.

The famous male orangutan just moments before his momentous invention!

Few people know that the first pair of suspenders was actually worn by a male orangutan while attempting to court a female human. Scientists believe that the orangutan fashioned the makeshift suspenders out of banana peels in order to appear more sophisticated to the woman he was courting.

This story, of course, is entirely fabricated. The real history of suspenders starts in 1822, when they were invented by Albert Thurston. Although Mr. Thurston’s name seems regal enough to be preceded by “Sir,” it is not, sadly.Suspenders were a monumental innovation. People wore the supports religiously, as there wasn’t another competitor to challenge the popular of suspenders. All of this changed with the invention of belts, which quickly usurped suspenders by the mid-1900s.

Today suspenders are worn for fun and fashion as well as function.

All was not lost, however, for the loyal wearers of Thurston’s wares. A noticeable suspender revival has been taking place recently. The movement has been largely spurred by fashion, where everything old undoubtedly becomes new again. Although suspenders aren’t as popular as they once were (and make no mistake—they were the only game in town once), they are in the midst of a comeback. And we think they’re cooler than ever.

How to Customize Suspenders

We often get questions about how to get suspenders customized with a group or company logo or other special look you are seeking.  While we do not currently offer customization services, we’ve had many customers simply order plain elastic suspenders from us and then take them to a local silk screen printing shop to have them customized.  The Saint Louis Banjo club was so happy with the results that they sent us a picture – they look awesome!