Think Pink: Support Breast Cancer Awareness with Pink Suspenders

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month — show your support for the upper half of the body and support the lower half of your body at the same time! Choose from several different shades of pink suspenders, or mixed it up with pink patterns. Pink suspenders can provide an interesting twist to a wide range of fashion ensembles, including business, wedding, women, kids and every day wear!

Suspenders Can Benefit Your Health

Regular health screenings are obviously beneficial to your well-being, but did you know that suspenders have health benefits as well? Classic, fashionable confidence aside, the impact of suspenders on your health can be surprising.

For heavier individuals, suspenders and braces provide a much higher level of comfort. Belts cinched across the waist can put undue pressure on your skin, muscles, and inner organs. They also tend to bring your waistline down to your hips and below your belly, giving your pants an improper and insecure fit. Suspenders bring the waistline of your pants back up to your actual waist, and take the pressure off of the sensitive stomach region.

Istock Photo 36642002 – Copyright: bluefinchphoto

Suspenders Hold Up Loose Fitting Pants

On the flip side, if you’ve lost some weight, but still love your favorite pair of pants, suspenders can extend the life of your too-big trousers, without the sloppy cinching from a belt. Even if your pants are loose, they still stay in place – which also makes suspenders a  popular and cute choice for kids attire!
dainty-dapper-sip-see-boys-flyerSuspenders Both Give and Show Support

There are ergonomic benefits as well. The pressure on the shoulders, back, and chest simulate a “brace” feeling that triggers the brain to straighten the spine. Slouching while wearing suspenders can make them appear loose and ill-fitted, leading the wearer to sit properly taller. With a little more room in a balanced torso, your spine, internal organs, blood flow, and brain are all much happier.

curlforacureMake a statement that says you support survivors and your own health — wear a pair of pink suspenders to your next doctor’s appointment or get a crew of friends together to raise money for a cure!







Welcome Fall with Warm-Hued Suspenders

Saying goodbye to summer doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to season-appropriate fashion. In fact, autumn is the perfect time to embrace layers and show off surprising accessories. Why not choose an accessory that is great for both form and function?

Warm hues bring a little charming spice to any autumn outfit. Gentlemen, fall into fashion by pairing our French satin burgundy suspenders with khaki slacks and a crisp, white button-down shirt. Extra points for quirky socks! Or take it casual with a light tan camel color, complete with warm brown leather drop clips and cross piece. Match them up with a pair of jeans, a light grey sweater, and a dressy pair of brown shoes for a relaxed look that still keeps it classy.

Ladies, dominate the boardroom with fashion and confidence. A pair of thin, cross-back suspenders with nickel clips will make you stand out. Pair them with a black skirt, white shirt, and black tie to feel both fashionable and fierce when you’re running the show. Switch out the shirt and tie for a black-and-white checked turtleneck to keep your style going into the evening.

And don’t forget the kids! What’s cuter than a tiny human in classic fashion? Family greeting card photos never looked so good! A “newsboy” style cap, warm-colored plaid shirt, and any one of our pairs of suspenders for kids can make any moment memorable. We have several different sizes, in both X- and Y-back styles. Our size chart can help you find the pair you need to complete your child’s look.

Like the subtle hint of bergamot in a warm cup of earl grey tea, suspenders add a classic twist to any autumn outfit. Whether you are heading to the office, or heading out for the evening, SuspenderStore has styles for every occasion.

Suspenders With Some POW! to Celebrate National Comic Day

Love your superheros or comic characters?  Add a pair of character inspired suspenders to your attire and earn the appreciation of comic fans everywhere!

Looney TunesFrom Disney, Looney Tunes and Marvel to Pokemon, My Little Pony and Minions – there are an abundance of comic book character suspenders just waiting to brighten your attire.

Wear them with jeans or pair them with a bow tie for added pizazz – the possibilities for adding a playful splash to your look are many and varied.


SuperheroWhere to wear your comic themed suspenders?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Celebrate National Comic Day on September 25th by donning a pair with your favorite character.
  • Join in the fun and attend a Comic Con show where you are sure to meet lots of people who share your love of comics.  Check out this list of upcoming comic-book conventions or plan to go to the granddaddy of them all – the annual Comic-Con International show held each year in San Diego, CA.
  • Wear a pair to watch movie at home with friends or get excited to see a new release on the big screen such as the Lego Batman movie scheduled to be released on February 20, 2017 or the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie slated to come out on July 7th.
  • Add them as the perfect accessory to your costume party attire – great for Halloween or whenever an awe-inspiring costume is in order.
  • Wear them anytime “just because” they are fun or to add to your nerd mystique.

The SuspenderStore’s selection of superhero suspenders is certain to satisfy your heroic thirst! As any true comic fan knows, not every superhero is created equal, which is why we offer a large selection of character suspenders to choose from. From our Avengers suspenders featuring icons like Thor and the Hulk, to our Spider-man suspenders associated with the web-slinging superhero himself, our selection of classic and modern superheroes will keep your city safe and your imagination churning.

ninjahulkcollageOur novelty comic suspenders measure 1-inch wide and offer all of the fun and coolness expected of a  cartoon hero while also offering unbeatable support. The suspenders have a sturdy X-Back construction and are finished with solid nickel finger clips. Most of our comic collection suspenders are entirely adjustable thanks to the addition of a solid metal crosspatch that customers will feel right at home with. The SuspenderStore superhero suspender collection , Looney Tunes Suspender Collection or Disney Suspender Collection all make a sartorial statement; whether these braces are flying out in the open, or hidden under a coat or jacket.

Our character suspenders come in two lengths to fit kids of all ages and sizes. For kids and adults measuring up to 5’5” inches tall, please select the 40-inch version. For those who are between 5’5” to 6’2”, please select the 50-inch version.

Kids-Minions-N-FrontDid we mention that all of these fantastic comics-inspired products are manufactured in the U.S.? These suspenders use reduced-density elastic in the straps and lighter gauge metals in the thumb clips to maintain a light weight that will help you soar higher (if you’re into that sort of thing). Nevertheless, all of these suspenders are colorful, and offer plenty of daily durability for anyone who fancies an unusual pair of braces.

Based on a SuspenderStore customer comments, our comic book character suspender collection rates an average of “Awesome” on the superhero suspender scale.

DSC_2786So, if your inner child is dying for a release, let SuspenderStore have your back and choose a pair of colorful comic character suspenders to add some POW! to your ensemble!





Scores of Style: Suspenders to Celebrate Classical Music Month

Scores of Style: Suspenders to Celebrate Classical Music Month

In honor of Classical Music Month (September) we’re rolling out the red carpet with a slew of cool music-related suspenders. Whether you’re a budding composer, a music teacher or just a fan of late greats like Chopin, Wagner and Verdi, you can celebrate with scores of magnificent music suspenders from SuspenderStore this month. Here are some cool styles to get you inspired!

Musical Suspenders to Honor the Greats

Music note suspenders — Every baton-waving maestro needs a pair of cool music note suspenders to wear atop the podium or at pre- and post-concert events. Sport them at the symphony or opera with your black tie attire or jazz up your next concert outfit with a pair in classic black and white.

Piano key suspenders — Got a thing for Beethoven or Mozart? Pay tribute to classical music’s greatest concertos with a pair of piano suspenders that feature octaves of piano keys in — what else? — black and ivory. These suspenders make the perfect gift for the music-lover.

Musical instrument suspenders — If you’re all about symphonic, you’ll love a pair of musical instrument suspenders featuring repeating images of clarinets, flutes, saxophones, French horns, trumpets and trombones with black music notes. This pair is a must-wear to the symphony or orchestra concert on your calendar and can also be integrated into your jazz-themed looks.

Formalwear Suspenders — Beethoven wore a neck scarf, Chopin loved his bowties. But the great composers and conductors of the modern era often sported formal suspenders with their maestro tails.  Go with a pair of black french satin or silk suspenders or, if your budget allows, try a beautiful pair of handwoven silk suspenders and the complements you will receive will be music to your ears.

Flag suspenders — Sure, you can pay homage to Mendelssohn, Bach, Brahms, Handel, Beethoven and Wagner with a pair of red or yellow suspenders honoring the German flag, but what about a pair that celebrates U.S.-born classical musicians? (It goes without saying, but we’re talking about Gershwin.) A pair of American flag suspenders will do the trick, especially for your Labor Day concert.


The Skinny on Thin Suspenders: How to Wear Them

Thin suspenders offer a stylish, modern take on the classic suspender trend. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, they’re easy to add to just about any outfit. Whether you’ve always worn thicker suspenders, or you’re looking for an accessible way to try out this dapper accessory for the first time, skinny suspenders are the chic way to go.

model-53Luckily, just about everyone looks great in a fashion-forward pair of thin suspenders, so it won’t be too hard to master the look. Here are just a few helpful tips to help you style your new accessories.

Choose the right size

What looks thin on a larger individual may not look so thin on a smaller person, so be sure to use a size chart before choosing your new pair of suspenders. You’ll also want to make sure that you know your proper suspender length, because no matter how stylish the pair may be, they won’t look good unless they fit properly.

MiniMe#1Choose something minimal

Traditional wider suspenders often come in funny patterns and themed prints, but with a pair of thin suspenders, you’ll want to keep things sleek and simple. Go for a dark color or a neutral hue that matches anything. If you prefer a pattern, stick to something like light stripes or soft plaid.

12031_JUSTIN_033Show them off with a simple outfit

To let your suspenders shine, keep the rest of your outfit pretty straightforward. Go for a crisp, tailored shirt in a coordinating color, and then choose a pair of dark slacks and leather shoes. If you’re looking to try out a more modern look, wear your new suspenders with some dark denim jeans, a matching chambray shirt, and even a wide-brimmed hat to top things off.


Secret Suspenders: A Guide to Undergarment Suspenders

While we love to show off a good pair of suspenders here at SuspenderStore, we also understand that sometimes, it’s just as much about the function as the fashion. If you want the support of a sturdy pair of classic suspenders, but don’t want them to take the attention away from the rest of your outfit, you may like to try out some undergarment suspenders.

These soft, subtle suspenders are unnoticeable when worn under your clothing, and they offer the reliable support that will keep you feeling confident all day long. Here are a few facts that you should know about undergarment suspenders.

They’re very comfortable

It may seem strange to wear your suspenders underneath your clothing, but you can rest assured that they aren’t at all uncomfortable. Undergarment suspenders are meant to be worn under an undershirt or even just right under your work shirt, and thanks to their incredibly soft construction, you won’t notice them at all. Most pairs of undergarment suspenders are made of a material that is similar to an Ace bandage, so you won’t feel a thing when you’re wearing them.

Undergarment-Nickel-FullThey’re virtually invisible

Because undergarment suspenders are made of a very thin, stretchy material without bulky adjusters, you won’t have to worry about them looking strange under your clothing. They’re also made of only flesh-colored materials, so they won’t show through clothing, either.

Great for active professionals

If you’re a doctor, a waiter, or in another profession that keeps you on your feet all day long, undergarment suspenders are a great alternative to a bulky belt. Because you can’t see them from outside your clothing, they’re also great for anyone who needs to wear a uniform to work.  People who sit all day will appreciate our incognito side clip undergarment suspenders clip onto the sides of your pants thereby avoiding the discomfort of clips pressing into your back.

140635344They come in airport-safe styles

Frequent travelers, have no fear; undergarment suspenders even come in airport-friendly versions without any metal pieces. Rest assured that with these suspenders, you won’t have to dress down to get through airport security.



Back to School Suspender Style

Return to campus or the classroom this year looking like a million bucks with dapper suspenders. Whether you’re looking for a great way to reinvent your look or just want to add some standout style to this year’s wardrobe, SuspenderStore has got the fashion tips required for any style-savvy scholastic achiever.

DSC_2101 A-webHere are a few of our fave back-to-school suspender styles:

  1. Suspenders with Denim — You may think suspenders are all about formal fashion, but that’s not the case. Don a pair of blue jeans and casual suspenders for a laid-back look you can rock from the quad to the classroom. We love these solid-colored clip suspenders for pairing with your skinny jeans. Pink suspenders are great for spirit week, while simple navy blue suspenders are suited for everyday wear.

  2. Slim, Leather Suspenders — Jump on the trendy train with a pair of super sleek, hipster-friendly leather suspenders. Much like the skinny tie, the skinny suspender is all the rage, and black or brown leather really brings this hot-right-now look to life. Couple them with a slim-fitting button-up or a white V-neck for a more casual style and add a matching a leather belt. You can’t go wrong when you style these suspenders with a bow tie, too, for a particularly professorial look.

  3. Novelty Suspenders — Okay, class clowns and nerds alike: it’s your time to shine! Make a pair of funny suspenders your school-year staple. Everybody loves a pair of outer-space suspenders or bacon suspenders, right? Perfect for spicing up your uniform or dressed-down look, our novelty suspenders come in a style to suit every personality or geeky passion. Pokémon, Superman, Captain America, math equations, circuit boards, donuts, animal print! The choice is yours.
    DSC_2425 A
  4. Civil War Suspenders — If you fancy yourself a fashion-forward dude who takes cues from the pages of magazines like GQ, you’ll flip over our Civil War suspenders. Although they’re inspired by Civil War soldiers and are often warn by re-enactors, these uber-trendy suspenders are ridiculously hip. Each pair features cool webbed stripes for a more dressed-up look, perfect for presentation days!Civil-War-Composite
    No matter what your age, suspenders are guaranteed to add a “smart” look to your attire. 

    Whether you want to add to your genius mystique, embrace your inner professor or just stand out from the crowd – whatever your personal equation for fashion success there’s an A+ suspender solution just waiting to be found!




Show Off Your Warm Weather Style with Summer Suspenders

Suspenders aren’t reserved solely for the colder months – they are fashionable all year round, though it can be difficult to style them with warm weather outfits. Classic suspenders look cool even during the hottest months of the year, and there are a number of ways to wear them with your summer apparel. From shorts and button-downs to summertime leisure suits, here are a few of our favorite ways to style suspenders in warm weather.

  1. Take them to the office.

If business casual is the name of the game in your office, suspenders are a great way to jazz up your summer office wardrobe. Keep things cool with a pair of khakis and a white button-down shirt topped with some patterned suspenders. If you have to wear a suit, keep your lightweight suit looking sharp with some brightly colored suspenders peeking out from underneath.

  1. Take them out to dinner.

Going out to dinner on a summer getaway? You’ll look dressed to impress in a preppy outfit that’s perfect for a candlelight meal al fresco. Slip on a pair of well-tailored shorts in a nice salmon, khaki, or mint green hue, and then top it off with a crisp linen shirt in a contrasting light color. Choose a pair of suspenders that match the rest of your ensemble, and then slide on your favorite leather boat shoes to complete the beachy look.

  1. Rock a rugged style.

The classic Americana look is back in a big way for both men and women, and it’s especially easy to pull off in the summer. The next time you go to an outdoor music festival, a backyard barbecue, or a night at your favorite downtown hangout, try topping off your best jeans with a pair of black or brown leather suspenders. A crisp, cotton shirt in a neutral color creates a stylish look. Keep the sleeves rolled up for that effortlessly cool vibe that’s perfect for the summertime.



The Ultimate Debate: Suspenders vs. Belts

How do you prefer to hold your pants up – with belts or suspenders? In the mid-nineteenth and early 20th century, suspenders were almost universally worn because the high cut of trousers during that time made belts impractical.  Today, most pants fall slightly below the natural waist and belts have become the standard choice.   However, modern suspender wearers tend to be passionate about their choice.

Nice Suspender LooksWhy the enthusiasm for suspenders you might ask?  If you haven’t fully considered your suspenders versus belts opinion, here are four key differences to help you develop your own informed stance.

Suspender Fashions1. Suspenders serve as a distinct fashion accessory; belts make a subtle fashion statement.

Say “suspenders” and the image that might come immediately to mind is that of an older, overweight man.  However, that stereotype is simply not true.  Suspenders today offer a distinct fashion accessory for men and women of all ages. With suspenders, men and women can showcase their personal style quickly and easily, as suspenders are designed to complement a wide range of personal styles.  From fashion models to wall street executives to steampunks to your every day people, suspenders are a practical and fun way to accessorize your attire.

FarringdonComparatively, belts also make a fashion statement, albeit a subtle one. Belts can be worn by men and women too, but ultimately, lack some of the pizzazz of a one-of-a-kind pair of suspenders.

2. There are multiple types of suspenders, while there is only one type of belt.

Suspenders are available in numerous widths, fabrics, attachment styles, colors and patterns ensuring you can wear them for just about any occasion from special dressy events to rugged outdoor work and everything in between.

There are even leather suspenders that give you the look and feel of a classic belt in suspender form!

Braided LeatherConversely, belts feature a more limited range of style options. Belts boast a timeless look and feel, making them great for both casual and formal occasions where you want a subtle and functional way to keep your trousers in place.

3. Suspenders are making a fashion comeback; belts continue to stay stuck in neutral.

Suspenders are becoming exceedingly popular among children, teens and adults, as they provide you with a terrific opportunity to dress both fashionably and comfortably any time you choose.

DSC_2101 A-webOn the other hand, belts appear to be stuck in neutral. These items may provide a subtle accent to casual or professional outfits, but rarely, if ever, serve as a bold fashion accessory.

4. Many people find that suspenders are more comfortable to wear; depending on your build, belts can cramp your style.

For those with large mid-sections, to be effective, belts must either be tightened to the point where they can feel constraining or worn “below the belly.”  For others with narrow (or no) hips, belts can’t do the job no matter how much they are tightened.

Suspenders have neither of these problems,  By distributing the load over the shoulders, suspenders allow pants to stay perfectly in place without discomfort.  Additionally, suspenders are popular for business and dress attire because they allows pants to fall naturally thereby providing a clean and polished look.

GeneArygleCropWhen it comes to deciding between suspenders and belts, it is vital to consider many different factors. And with the aforementioned considerations, you’ll be able to make the right decision between suspenders and belts and ensure you can dress in comfort and style at all times.

Can’t decide?  While formal fashion experts advise against wearing both suspenders and a belt at the same time, some folks just want to be doubly sure their pants stay in place.  It looks nice – and some would say if you have belt-loops on your pants, it looks better to fill them with a belt rather than have them be empty.  So, if you are comfortable thumbing your nose at the nay-sayers we say go ahead and do as you please!

There are even suspenders designed specifically for this purpose.  One popular type, called belt-clip suspenders, feature a heavy plastic clip that slides over belts up to 1 1/2 inches wide.  A second type, often found on galluses (heavy duty suspenders designed for western wear) feature leather loops that belts can slide through.

belt cliprugged comfortSuspenders, belts or both?  The choice is yours!







Heavy Duty Work Suspenders for Industrial Jobs

Butt crack and plumbers crack may be a running joke with comedians, but for men and women in the labor force, it’s not necessarily a laughing matter. No, plumbers and contractors aren’t trying to flash people or enjoy being on the receiving end of people’s jokes. It’s an on-the-job annoyance that plagues many people employed in industrial jobs. Tool belts and work belts weigh pants down. It’s gravity people. Remember Newton and the apple. If it’s heavy it’s coming down.

OK, so how can this age-old problem be avoided so everyone feels a little more comfortable? The solution is actually pretty simple: work suspenders. Yes, suspenders. They’re fun, fashionable and functional too!

Heavy Duty Work Suspenders copyWant to give suspenders a try?  Here’s the skinny on the different types of suspenders that might be right for you depending on your personal style and how you’ll wear them!

Just the basics please

If you are a traditionalist and don’t do particularly strenuous work or wear a tool belt, you may want to opt for a solid color two-inch wide elastic suspender in a variety of colors from neutral black, navy or tan to bolder reds and oranges.  Just be sure you to purchase them from a source that uses both high quality elastic and top-of-the-line “alligator” style clips to maximize their life span.

78030701_47pin-clip copyWant a basic elastic suspender with slightly greater security?  Check out suspenders with pin-clip or trigger snap attachments.  Pin clip suspenders feature a sharp pin that pierces the fabric of the pants, thereby ensuring the clip will not budge once it is secured.  Trigger snap suspenders feature snaps that attach to belt-loops on pants – similar to the clips found on dog leashes.  Trigger snap attachments are available both on standard elastic suspenders, as well as heavy duty, low stretch elastic suspenders called Rugged Comfort suspenders which are hand crafted in a saddlery the northwest and were originally designed with ranchers in mind.

Rugged ComfortIncredibly fun and fully functional!

If you need to hold your pants up, are fun-loving and don’t wear a heavy tool belt, novelty suspenders might be the right choice for you.  Available in a wide variety of trade/hobby specific patterns – including electrician suspenders, painter suspenders, mechanic suspenders, carpenter suspenders, and tape measure suspenders – these suspenders are generally made from elastic.

tape measuretradesmanBe sure to choose a 2-inch wide suspender (rather than a thinner width) with sturdy construction clips for maximum functionality. even carries a one-of-a-kind “Say No to Crack!” novelty suspender for those with a sense of humor!

crackSuspenders that won’t stretch

If you wear a tool belt, work in an industrial job or wear heavy pants, non-stretch heavy-duty work suspenders are a good choice.  The front straps of these suspenders are made of a non-stretch, polypropylene material (like found on duffle bag straps) that won’t stretch. However, the elastic material on the back of the suspenders increases the comfort factor and allows for ease of movement. When you’re on the job, you need to bend and move quickly. These suspenders will allow you to that easily while securely keeping your pants in place.

12031_Gene_070 - cropThe heavy-duty alligator clips attach easily to  denim as well as heavy work pants. These suspenders make great gifts for the special someone in your life that works in any industrial job.

Specialty Suspenders:  Logger, reflective, side-clip, firemen, belt-clip and more!

Some types of jobs require suspenders that are modified to accommodate the unique requirements of a specific type of job.  Logger suspenders are made from low-stretch, thick elastic and are available with both construction clip and industrial button-on attachments.

Reflective suspenders feature reflective material that will help keep you safe while also keeping your pants securely in place.

reflectiveSide-Clip suspenders have two clips that attach to the side of your pants rather than 4 clips that attach to both the front and the sides.  Side clip suspenders are perfect for those who spend a lot of time driving or sitting since the placement of the clips ensures that they won’t dig into your back.

truckerFireman suspenders feature non-stretch material and extra industrial button-on tabs to attach to heavy firefighter pants.

Belt-clip suspenders feature unique, sturdy plastic clips that attach to belts up to 1 1/2 inches wide thereby giving the wearer the extra protection of wearing both a belt and suspenders at the same time.

belt clipAnd finally, support suspenders feature low stretch elastic straps and shoulder pads to prevent the discomfort of the straps cutting into your shoulders, particularly when wearing heavy pants or a tool belt.

supportAs you can see, with all these work suspender choices, there is no reason to be the subject of a joke or to feel uncomfortable when you’re on the job. Who wants to be constantly pulling up their pants? Get a wonderful, affordable gift for yourself or someone in a similar line of work that will keep on giving every day. Heavy duty work suspenders are more comfortable than a belt and will do a better job of keeping your pants where they should be. You will also feel and look fabulous and who doesn’t love that?