Suspenders: A Fun, Practical and Low Cost Halloween Costume Accessory!

A fun and practical accessory to add to a Halloween costume is a pair of suspenders that won’t empty the wallet. Get a head-start on this year’s Halloween celebration by creating your costume early and miss the crowds that flock to Halloween stores.

Dress in black with sneakers and a pair of novelty suspenders that have a Halloween theme, instantly transforming you into a mime. Enter a costume contest and dress up as a firefighter with bold red suspenders. Find a pair of blue suspenders and dress up as Mario or Luigi from the Mario Bros. or Kevin the Minion from the Minion Movie. The list of characters who wear suspenders is endless. Dress up as a nerd, geek, or Catholic school girl. Sport thick-rimmed glasses, a button-down shirt, sweater vest, pocket protector and suspenders to celebrate Halloween and stay warm in the process.

When choosing any costume, don’t forget to check the weather! Consider finding a way to add layers to your costume to stay warm. If dressing up as a girl superhero, keep the legs warm by wearing stockings. Or stay warm and go as a snow bunny! Add a solid-colored pair of suspenders to a flannel shirt, don durable pants, boots and a beard to become a warm and fuzzy lumberjack.

Sport a gangster outfit that has a pair of wicked suspenders that matches any pinstripe suit. Add a flat cap, fancy shoes and a devilish grin, and you’re all set to have a night of Halloween fun! Try dressing up as characters from older sitcoms like Steve Urkel from Family Matters, Marty McFly from Back to the Future, or Matt Smith from Dr. Who.

Be festive and stylish this Halloween season by wearing suspenders that hold up a costume so you don’t have to keep readjusting it. Suspenders were originally designed to hold up pants before the use of belts were practical, so it’s traditional. Hold up a piece of cardboard that represents a psychic’s crystal ball and table. Jokingly charge people $5 to read their fortune. Wear it to a Halloween party and sit down on a chair, as if behind a real table, and then suddenly stand up.

Suspender Store has hundreds of designs to choose from, including novelty themed patterns that have great designs to celebrate every holiday. Choose red, white and blue suspenders to celebrate America’s birthday during the Fourth of July holiday or wear green suspenders with leprechauns and shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day. There is a plethora of Christmas suspenders to choose from, so that ugly sweater party just got better! Wear a great pair that features the holiday spirit, gifts, Christmas trees and the big man himself, Santa Claus.

There are novelty and funny suspenders for anyone who loves superheroes, too, and they are available in child and adult sizes. Choose the Avengers, Batman, Captain America, Superman, Spiderman and more. Rainbow suspenders are fun to wear during special events and are a great way to show pride.

Browse hundreds of designs from Suspender Store and have fun looking through them all. Showcase hobbies with great designs that celebrate the military, music, cars, animals, cartoon characters and more. Suspenders are very versatile, supportive and attentive to the wearer’s needs. It’s even possible to wear a special pair of camouflage suspenders and hunt in the woods without being seen or losing your pants.

Make a Statement With Your Suspenders

There’s no denying that suspenders make a style statement. They’re retro-cool, edgy, and still just unique enough in today’s fashion landscape to make you stand out. But did you know that the way you wear your suspenders could determine the type of statement you make?

To Belt … Or Not to Belt?

This is one of the most controversial issues – OK, the only controversial issue – in the wonderful world of suspenders. Does wearing suspenders mean you should forgo your usual belt? Not necessarily.

By combining the two, you’ll show the world that you’re not afraid to mix accessories for the sake of fashion (and function, too). However, the majority of stylists do recommend letting your suspenders stand on their own.

Another daring move is to go to the other extreme – lose that belt and the belt loops that go with it! If you plan on wearing your suspenders religiously, simply remove the belt loops from your pants. You’ll be amazed at how clean and stylish you look, and you’ll be sure to receive compliments on your GQ-esque fashion choice.

To Clip … Or Not to Clip?

Ah, another age-old question. Do you wear clip-on or button-on suspenders? Well, the answer depends on the outfit and the occasion.

Clip-on suspenders are great for casual wear. They’re easy to put on and take off, and they work with nearly every type of pant. When you wear clip suspenders, you give off an easygoing, cool vibe. However, for any formal event requiring a suit, clip suspenders may make the wrong style statement. You’ll look clueless about style, and the fine teeth in the clips could very likely ruin your pants.

In this situation, button-style suspenders are the only way to go. You’ll look sophisticated, elegant, and very put together.

To Suspender … Or Not to Suspender?

This one’s a trick question. Obviously, we at SuspenderStore think suspenders are the cat’s pajamas. Customers wear our suspenders in boardrooms and restaurants, on stages, at weddings, at school, and in plain old everyday situations – and we think you should, too.

No matter what style statement you want to make, SuspenderStore has just the right pair of suspenders for you.

What Your Suspenders Say About You

In today’s world, suspenders aren’t just for holding up your pants. Since they were invented nearly 200 years ago, suspenders have evolved into a fashion accessory for men, women and even kids. There are so many different ways to wear them – so how do you choose a style? Well, that depends on the image you want to project. Here’s what your suspenders say about you.

You’re Fashion Forward

Suspenders can take an everyday outfit from casual to cool. Clip basic skinny suspenders onto your blue jeans and you’ll show the world you’re riding the cutting edge of fashion.

Just make sure the color of your suspenders either matches or complements your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing both leather suspenders and leather shoes, make sure the two match. Wearing suspenders that clash with your shoes, shirt or pants probably won’t make the style statement you’re looking for.

You’re Unique

A pair of brightly colored or patterned suspenders says you’re unique. You like to stand out, even in everyday situations. At SuspenderStore, we offer novelty suspenders for every interest, including animals, camouflage, and even Superman. Our fun patterns include argyle, striped, plaid and polka dots. If you want to stand our even more, accessorize your suspenders with a skinny tie or 1940s pork pie hat.

You’re Smart

When you wear suspenders with a formal suit, you look smart and classy. This look is perfect for work occasions and can make for an especially memorable impression during job interviews. Need a little more convincing? As you may recall, Daniel Craig donned a smart pair of skinny white suspenders in the last James Bond movie. Who doesn’t want to look like 007?

You’re Practical

Anyone who works with his hands knows that suspenders can be a lifesaver. For the manual laborer who needs to keep his pants up, suspenders say you’re practical. Armed with a pair of thick suspenders, you know that nothing can stop you from getting the job done.

SuspenderStore’s work suspenders won’t stretch under the weight of a heavy tool belt. We even offer side-clip suspenders that won’t dig into your back for long-haul truckers, or support suspenders with extra shoulder padding.

So who do you want to be? Fashion forward, unique, smart, practical? With the right pair of suspenders, you can be all of the above!

Suspenders, Not Just to Hold Up Your Pants

Albert Thurston invented suspenders in 1820 as a way to hold up men’s trousers (the high cut of pants at the time made wearing belts difficult). Since then, suspenders have gone in and out of fashion. But in recent years, they’ve come back in a big way thanks to period dramas and more than a few trend-setting celebrities.

Of course, suspenders aren’t just for holding up your pants anymore. They’ve evolved into a timeless style accessory for both men and women and have several other practical benefits.

Style Distinguishers

It’s undeniable that suspenders can really make you stand out. Why else would so many famous people choose to wear them to big events? The suspender look is bold yet sophisticated, classic yet hip, and unquestionably suave. Metal clip-on suspenders are ideal for everyday wear, while traditional button suspenders complement formalwear especially well.

Here at SuspenderStore, we even offer special clip suspenders for airport travel. These affordable suspenders don’t contain any metal, so you’ll breeze through security checkpoints without sacrificing your style.

Reliable Supporters

If you need suspenders solely for their original purpose – support – SuspenderStore has you covered. For anyone who does manual labor, we offer a selection of work suspenders featuring thick straps and reinforced materials to hold up heavy pants and tool belts.

Anyone with a little extra weight may also appreciate our versatile selection of suspenders. No one likes the look of their stomach hanging over their belt. With suspenders, your pants will stay at your natural waist where they belong.

If you have the opposite problem and want to keep your pants from falling down, suspenders can help there, as well. You’ll avoid cinching your pants with a belt and keep your shirt from bunching up. Whether you gain or lose weight, your suspenders will grow with you, especially if you choose an elastic style.

Posture Strengtheners

Did you know that suspenders could actually improve your posture? Unlike belts, they won’t dig into your skin, and you can adjust them to fit just right using convenient adjustment clips. When fitted properly, suspenders frame your shoulders and torso.

Try them on and you’ll quickly realize that you’re standing up straighter! Best of all, a typical pair of suspenders can last you for years – a lot longer than the shelf life of most belts.

Make Suspenders Part of Your Everyday Wardrobe

Ready to add some style to your everyday wear? Try suspenders, and you won’t even have to overhaul your wardrobe. At SuspenderStore, we have many versatile options to go with the clothes you already love.

While some suspender materials are dressy by nature, most elastic suspenders can be either formal or casual depending on what you wear with them. Here’s how you can make suspenders part of your look.

Clip Suspenders

Clip-on suspenders are popular for everyday wear because they’re so easy to put on and take off. Whether you prefer subtle, solid-colored suspenders or Western-inspired leather options, SuspenderStore offers clip-on suspenders in just about every style imaginable. Ranging from one-half to two inches wide, these feature durable silver metal clasps at the end of the straps, so you can secure them to the waistband of your pants without any hassle.

For casual wear, we carry classic two-inch wide suspenders in 13 solid colors and two striped patterns. For a more upscale look, choose our 1.5-inch-wide suspenders, available in 13 solids as well as stripes, dots, checks and plaids.

Button Suspenders

Button-on suspenders are definitely the more formal of the two attachment styles. Timeless and classy, these suspenders look good with anything. Note that they do require more legwork than clip-on suspenders, as you’ll have to attach buttons to your pants. This is easy to do on your own using our simple instructions, or you can take your pants to a tailor.

Button suspenders come in many different styles, though you’re more likely to find them in upscale fabrics like silk. We carry them in both 1.25-inch and 1.5-inch widths and in many colors and patterns, including striped, polka dot and checkered motifs.

Convertible Suspenders

Can’t decide what type of suspenders to buy? No problem! SuspenderStore also offers convertible suspenders. These combination suspenders come with both clip and button attachments, making it easy to swap back and forth between looks. Just note that this will limit your fabric and color selection.

With so many selections, it’s easy to find a few pairs of suspenders that will look tailor-made for your wardrobe. Ready. Set. Shop!

Bring Suspenders Back to School with You

Suspenders aren’t just for men in suits anymore. In the nearly 200 years since they were invented, suspenders have evolved into a wardrobe accessory that anyone can wear — and they’ve become especially popular among today’s youth. Even celebrities like a midriff-baring Miley Cyrus have been spotted wearing suspenders on the red carpet.

Want to rock this fashion accessory like Miley? SuspenderStore’s selection makes it easy to create a stylish ensemble no matter the time or place. Whether your personal style is prim and proper or punk rock, we’ll help you find the perfect pair of suspenders to bring back to school with you this fall.

Here’s the Skinny

High school and college students will look old-school cool in our skinny suspenders, which measure no more than an inch wide. For a stylish-yet-understated look, choose a solid color like black, gray or navy blue. If you want to have a little more fun, opt for a print or pattern.

Black Y-Back clip suspenders paired with a skirt are flirty and fun

Classic stripes never go out of style

SuspenderStore’s 3/4 Inch Thin Tres Chic suspenders are a trendy fashion statement

Show off your fashion flair with jeans paired with SuspenderStore’s animal print suspenders. Shown here: Y-Back 1-inch Wide Tiger Print

You’ll make an especially attention-grabbing debut on your first day with a wild and crazy animal print or zigzag pattern. Channel the ‘80s with our skinny neon suspenders, available in bright highlighter hues like pink or yellow. Pair any of our skinny suspenders with your favorite jeans for a trendy, edgy look.

Need something more formal? Check out our ¾-inch-wide satin suspenders. These offer a retro-inspired look of true sophistication and are perfect for complementing private school uniforms.

Kids Only

Dressing your little one for the new school year? You’ll soon realize that there’s nothing cuter than a kid in suspenders. From infants to toddlers and grade-schoolers, we have the perfect size and style for your needs.

SuspenderStore’s kids’ suspenders are constructed with the same care and quality as our adult-sized suspenders. Best of all, they’re washable to make maintenance a breeze, and the convenient clip attachments make them easy to put on.

No matter what your child’s interest, we have a suspender style they’ll love. Our children’s suspenders come in 15 solid colors and an endless number of youthful patterns and prints. Let your child embrace his or her stylish side with glitter suspenders or dinosaurs. Our novelty suspenders come in everything from rainbow stripes to animal cartoons to holiday themes.

So, what are you waiting for? Order a shiny new pair of suspenders and get excited for the new school year!

Fresh Hues/New Products

New Hues and Patterns Define Suspenders in 2015

It’s All Greek to Me Limited Edition Braces

Find best-selling new looks in suspenders for men and women at the SuspenderStore this year. Contemporary colors ranging from neutral to tropical hues and bold new patterns ranging from urban scenes to wildlife prints define this year’s collections at America’s favorite store for shirt suspenders and accessories.

Each year SuspenderStore introduces several new patterns in its designer line of premium silk shirt suspenders by Trafalgar. This year, the must-having collectible suspenders are Trafalgar’s “It’s All Greek To Me” limited edition braces. Greek architecture and ancient Greek gods from mythology are the themes of these woven silk suspenders created with hues of gray, gold and burgundy. The button-on suspenders are 1 3/8-inch wide with a black leather crosspatch, ivory runner end attachments and gleaming nickel adjusters. These best buys for world travelers, scholars and fans of art and architecture arrive in a gift box with a collector’s card. Trafalgar releases only a limited number of pattern suspenders each year, so order yours today.

Taupe and ivory are among this year’s popular colors in shirt suspenders for men and women. Neutral colors are a versatile choice to dress up business suits or add flair to casual wear.

SuspenderStore’s “Fresh Hue” collection

Shop the new Fresh Hues collection of Y-back suspenders with nickel clips in tropical shades of coral, lavender, peach, deep purple and turquoise. They’re available in two sizes for adults and two sizes for children. Coordinate them with matching or contrasting pre-tied bow ties from our fashion accessories collections.
The SuspenderStore opened for business in 1999, when “the commercial Web was a pup.” Since then, the Maryland-based company’s online store has introduced new looks in contemporary and classic styles each year. The family-owned company’s expert staff has won rave reviews every year for superior customer service.

Pigs Suspenders

Animal motifs are popular this year and range from whimsical pig suspenders to wildlife shirt suspenders. The store’s new deer suspenders in rich earthy tones are all-elastic braces with the image of a handsome buck camouflaged by a forest in the background.These deer-themed suspenders are 2 inches wide with heavy-duty alligator clips and a leather crosspatch. Choose from three lengths in adjustable sizes designed to fit adults ranging from 5 feet in height to 6-foot-5. Also browse the new black bear and tiger suspenders.

World travelers and geography buffs are giving rave reviews to Trafalgar’s new “I See London, I See France” limited edition hand-woven silk suspenders. The pattern showcases famous scenes from Paris, London, New York City and Hong Kong. Collectible Trafalgar shirt suspenders are popular gifts for holidays, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions. Revisit next year for future additions to this keepsake series of silk suspenders.

Limited Edition “I See London”

Our new reflective work shirt safety suspenders are also becoming this year’s favorite party suspender choice because of the bright reflective yellow color. These safety suspenders in a 2-inch width have non-stretch reflecting front straps and elasticized back straps accented with a handsome leather crosspatch and heavy-duty alligator clips. The length will fit adults up to 6 feet, 2 inches tall.

Returning favorites this year are the SuspenderStore’s famed website style guides with how-to information on choosing the best size, as well as a guide to understanding button versus clip suspender attachments. Our popular flesh-tone undergarment suspenders are becoming new favorites this year as comfortable suspenders to wear under T-shirts and other casual shirts.

Crossbones Suspenders

Other popular looks for 2015 include attention-getting skull and crossbones suspenders, new additions to our popular paisley suspender collection, musical instruments print shirt suspenders and black and white zigzag pattern braces.


Celebrities wearing suspenders (who, what, why)

Celebrities embrace suspenders for 2015

Suspender-wearing celebrity sightings are becoming the hot fashion topic in 2015, just a short time into the New Year. Classic suspenders are dressing up fashion runways, television specials and Broadway plays.

Miley Cyrus

Singer Miley Cyrus attracted headlines for wearing studded suspenders with a sheer top and trendy black cigarette pants for the February television special celebrating the 40th anniversary of America’s iconic comedy show “Saturday Night Live.”

Sleek shirt suspenders were on display by actors in designer suits walking the red carpet at this year’s Golden Globes award show. At a pre-Golden Globes party in Hollywood, hip-hop model Amber Rose was reported to be wearing a suspender-inspired dud over her dress.

Broadway’s award-winning play “Newsies” is touring the country this year with its celebrated song and dance routines featuring young actors performing in old-fashioned white shirts and suspenders. These are the costumes worn in the original Disney movie of the same name.

Beyonce Knowles

Classic shirt suspenders in solids and stripes that were an iconic look for newscasters and TV talk show hosts like Larry King have become go-to accessories for top entertainers in recent years. Except, these suspenders are worn more for fun than for their original purpose as an alternative to belts in keeping one’s pants in place.

Music superstars Beyonce´ and Rihanna love their suspenders. Beyonce´ has been photographed wearing hers with jeans. Rihanna laced suspenders over the bottoms and under the top of a bikini bathing suit for one music video.Ashton Kutcher

Actor John Lithgow reportedly wears colorful suspenders with suits. Actor Ashton Kutcher has been photographed wearing plain suspenders with faded jeans. Actor Cameron Diaz was once photographed wearing white suspenders over a white top with white jeans and steep high heels.

Ashton Kutcher

When Academy Award-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams died in 2014, fans wore rainbow-striped suspenders to remember the colorful suspenders Williams wore when he starred in the late 1970s sitcom “Mork & Mindy.”

Suspenders have a long fashion history dating back to when strips of ribbons were worn in France to secure one’s pants, according to Time magazine. Benjamin Franklin reportedly wore them in a very young United States.

Even America’s beloved writer Mark Twain got in on the action by receiving one of the first U.S. patents for suspenders in 1871, according to Time. Clip suspenders were introduced in the late 1800s as an alternative to suspenders attached with buttons.

Michael Douglas as Gordon Greco

Actor Michael Douglas won an Academy Award for his portrayal of the unscrupulous suspenders-wearing character Gordon Gekko in the 1987 movie “Wall Street.” Actress Sarah Jessica Parker often turned to suspenders as accessories for her role in the Emmy Award-winning HBO series “Sex and the City.” Golden Globe Award-winning actor Jon Hamm was still wearing suspenders in 2015 in his long-running role as a dapper ad executive on the hit television series “Mad Men.”

Suspenders have been worn by actor Daniel Craig playing James Bond and by actor Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor Who. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio wore suspenders in his starring roles as a poor man for the Academy Award-winning movie “Titanic” and as a wealthy man for the more recent “The Great Gatsby.”

Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor in the series Dr. Who


The SuspenderStore can claim its share of fame, too, with its classic and contemporary suspenders making appearances on television and Broadway. America’s favorite suspender store has been featured in publications ranging from the Wall Street Journal to People magazine.

Actress Eve Hewson in SuspenderStore’s Tres Chic suspenders in the August 2015 issue of Town & Country magazine.

The SuspenderStore has been introducing new styles each year since the family-owned company opened in 1999. For the latest looks in suspenders trending for 2015, visit

How to Measure for Suspenders

No, our tape measure suspenders are not the best way to measure suspender size!

Measuring for suspenders is trickier than one would think. There are many variables to consider, such as the person’s height, girth, body shape, the elasticity of the suspenders and whether or not they can be adjusted. Elastic suspenders allow for more wiggle room, but even leather suspenders will stretch slightly over time as they are worn.

Suspender sizes are frequently given in inches, and are measured when they are fully stretched out. Rather than trying to guess the correct size, it’s recommended that you take an actual measurement for the best fit. For Y-back suspenders, take the measurement from the belt’s front loop, diagonally over the shoulder to the rear belt loop in the center. For suspenders with an X-back design, you should measure from the front belt loop over the shoulder to the side of the back waistline. Choose the suspender size that’s closest to your measurement. For more adjustment room, select the next larger size.

 If you’re buying suspenders as a gift and you can’t get an actual measurement, consider these height guidelines:

  • For adults between 6-foot-1 and 6-foot-5, select 54-inch suspenders.
  • For those who are 5-foot-9 to 6-foot-2, choose a 48-inch size.
  • For people between 5-foot and 5-foot-9, 42-inch suspenders are the best choice. These are also best for children over 5 feet.
  • The 36-inch suspenders will fit 5-year-olds up to 5-foot-tall children.
  • The 30-inch size suspenders are recommended for children between 2 and 5 years old.
  • For babies and infants between 9 months and 24 months, choose the 25-inch size.

No matter what the age, everyone enjoys and looks great in suspenders.

Did You Know?

Don’t be buried by choices!

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If you’re feeling completely overwhelmed by our massive selection of suspenders for every occasion, we’re here to help you out with our Suspender Selection Quiz. Designed for those who have trouble figuring out exactly what they want, our easy-to-take quiz will guide you through the decision-making process by asking you questions about your suspender needs and personal preferences.

Are you interested in suspenders for daily casual wear, or do you also need something suitable for the office? Is this for a dressy occasion, or do you need something rugged for outdoors work? Are you a frequent traveler or a dancer who’s part of a special performance? Whether you’re shopping for a gift or it’s a gift for yourself, our selection quiz will make your shopping experience a breeze.  Rather than wandering around our vast virtual store on your own, taking this quiz is just like having your own personal salesperson (or perhaps even a private valet) whose job is to attend to you and guide you quickly to what you’re looking for. That sounds nice, doesn’t it?