Suspender Gift Guide for the Whole Family

Shopping for the whole family is easy when you know what to look for. Let our suspender gift guide do the work for you.

Originally, we wanted to create a suspender gift guide for the world-renowned band Hole. This guide would’ve been appropriately titled, “A Suspender Gift Guide for the Hole Family.” It would’ve included suspender gift ideas for each band member—even Courtney Love. Because of the limited scope of such a gift guide, we’ve decided to expand the premise to include more people, namely, your entire family. The guide has subsequently been renamed: “A Suspender Gift Guide for the Whole Family.” Here’s the revised guide:

Dad: Suspenders for your dad should be as simple as possible to ensure that he never totally embarrasses you in public. Solid black suspenders should do the trick. If you’re gifting for your friend’s dad, disregard the previous sentence and check out our novelty suspenders.  On a more serious note – here are some other ideas:

*  If your dad has a lot of suspenders already – we’re always adding new suspenders.  Visit our new page to see our most recent additions.

*  If he wears a suit, he might like our business and dress suspenders.

*  If he travels a lot, our airport friendly suspenders will be just the ticket!  Even better, if he also happens to be a sports enthusiast – these suspenders are also great for holding up ski and other sports pants without tearing the fabric!

Leather suspenders are great and somewhat hard to find.  We have an extensive collection – everything from western styles that will look great on the ranch to dressy suspenders appropriate to wear with business attire.

Mom: Your mom will genuinely appreciate a pair of suspenders this holiday season. Not only do they allow her to channel her inner Beyoncé, she can also use them as a makeshift leash for the family pup, or as a stand-in for clothespins when hanging the wash.   Seriously though, women can wear any width suspender with style – from 1/2 inch skinny suspenders to 1 1/2 inch wide suspenders – the choice is theirs!

Siblings: Younger  or older, a pair of suspenders is the icing on every sibling’s holiday gift cake. Choose from festive designs or resort to using their favorite color; you can’t lose either way.  Teenagers and twenty somethings will love our skinny fashion suspenders, and for someone who likes to dance the night away, our glitter suspenders are party perfect!  And little kids love our suspenders too – see lots of choices for them on our kids page.

Significant other: When you give that special someone a pair of suspenders, you’re giving them an unadulterated declaration of your love: “That’s right, honey, my love for you is as strong as a pair of suspenders.” (Yes, we do have heart suspenders , you romantic, you.)  Or, if you want to totally impress and spoil him, give him something truly memorable.  Our hand woven silk suspenders are true works of art – gorgeous, stunning and collectable – each one is produced in limited numbers for a limited time.

Of course, if you still can’t figure out exactly what to get – gift certificates are always appreciated.  You can also check out our suspender style guides for more guidance or call us and we’ll be happy to help!

A Brief History of Suspenders

Want to be a know-it-all when it comes to suspenders? This is where you should start.

The famous male orangutan just moments before his momentous invention!

Few people know that the first pair of suspenders was actually worn by a male orangutan while attempting to court a female human. Scientists believe that the orangutan fashioned the makeshift suspenders out of banana peels in order to appear more sophisticated to the woman he was courting.

This story, of course, is entirely fabricated. The real history of suspenders starts in 1822, when they were invented by Albert Thurston. Although Mr. Thurston’s name seems regal enough to be preceded by “Sir,” it is not, sadly.Suspenders were a monumental innovation. People wore the supports religiously, as there wasn’t another competitor to challenge the popular of suspenders. All of this changed with the invention of belts, which quickly usurped suspenders by the mid-1900s.

Today suspenders are worn for fun and fashion as well as function.

All was not lost, however, for the loyal wearers of Thurston’s wares. A noticeable suspender revival has been taking place recently. The movement has been largely spurred by fashion, where everything old undoubtedly becomes new again. Although suspenders aren’t as popular as they once were (and make no mistake—they were the only game in town once), they are in the midst of a comeback. And we think they’re cooler than ever.