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    • Sorry for the delayed response – we are just starting to get our blog set up – we will be much more regular in the new year! Anyway, we do have a catalog although because we are constantly adding new products and we haven’t updated it recently, it only has about 80% of our current products. If you would like us to send you one, please let us know your address – you can email us your name and mailing address at info@suspenderstore.com or call us at 800-393-4508. Thanks!

  1. I am *impressed*!!! I was in a rush to get some suspenders for my father who broke his (of course) last pair two days before a wedding. When ordering, I used Express Service (S & H) but ignored the part that said “CALL US”!!! I.kid.you.not.; within 5 minutes The Suspender Store called *me* to tell me my order should arrive in approximately 42 hours…JUST IN TIME!!! Great initiative by a gentleman named David (Employee of The Suspender Store). Awesome Job!!! Thanks a Bunch!!! JK in IL

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